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I once heard God speak to me before I was saved in an audible voice, and in my early Christian life I was able to be led by the spirit because I clearly heard him speak short sentences, by sensing His 'still small voice' in my inner man. I could also give prophecies and interpretation of tongues.  However, I remember my excitement when I first worked through the Mark Virkler course, and realised that I could routinely hear God speak more than a couple of sentences at a time, enabling me to enter into a greater daily walk with Him.  In fact, to live my life out of the voice of God.   

Over the years, I had discovered that many other Christians did not hear God, and that they assumed, quite wrongly, that some were ‘gifted in this way’ and that others weren’t.

As Pastors we saw that this course would help others to hear God as a matter of course, and fulfil Jesus statement that “My sheep hear my voice”.  We realised that it was a very valuable tool to raise up a whole church of prophetic people, who could live out of the flow of the Holy Spirit, just like Jesus did. Jesus heard what the Father said and did it.  He saw what the father showed him and followed His instructions, and so can we.  

I cannot recommend this course too highly. It is a wonderful church building opportunity. It creates such security in believers’ hearts. They know that God loves them. They know that God is interested in their every moment, and that know that they can minister for Him in their everyday life.  

Margaret says…

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