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Chris says…

The course Communion with God was so helpful to me in various respects. It is practical,. I have found this course helped me to know Jesus, rather than just knowing about Jesus.  Applying the insights that God has given me through my studied and revelations, I feel there is a sharper sensitivity in my heart to hearing God speak to me. I have been finding a new sensitivity and expectancy to hear God speaking through everyday circumstances. My daily journey with God now begins with sharing love with Him, and it makes my days so much happier. Walking with Jesus no longer seems a burden like it did before, with so many rules. Going to my journal seems like a retreat and I look forward to that special time.  I personally believe that this course has been the best course I have ever done as a Christian. It is practical and so helpful and an ongoing help for the rest of my life.

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Diane says…

I had no idea that as a believer I could really hear from God.  When I heard about Communion with God my heart got excited.  It was like finding a missing key that  I secretly, yet unknowingly hoped existed, and knew I desperately needed. I tried to obey God's word, but I could not sense His love. He felt distant to me.  When others spoke of communion with Him, my heart ached.  I tried to be more connected, to be closer to my Father but it seemed unrealistic and unattainable to me.  I didn’t believe "little me" could “hear” from God; surely that was the privilege of “special ones”, not me.  It was a desert place. But... God offered me the opportunity to attend the CWG course.  I learned what God's word said about hearing, seeing, and sensing the LORD, and I was convinced then that it was true and I could begin listening and expecting to hear from Him.  CWG also confirmed that spontaneous thoughts I had previously sensed, were part of God's communing with me.  So, until CWG, I simply had no Scriptural foundation or understanding to place those experiences on, therefore I doubted, even dismissed, that it was God speaking to me.

With such rich excitement, I began to listen to the LORD in the CWG course and on my own and began to write it all down, as it says in Habakkuk.  Finally, after we all shared some of our journaling together in class, my confidence soared; that we were really hearing the voice of the LORD!   As they shared, I heard His voice so clearly; suddenly I had no doubt.  The Scriptural truths along with the experiences received in relationship with other "communion with God-seekers" in class opened a floodgate for me of a deeper dimension of relationship and experience with God.  It's many years later now, and I remember like yesterday, the overwhelming love, joy, and excitement I felt from that experience.  I remain very grateful for the door CWG class opened; for what I learned and practice has borne and continues to bear fruit in all areas of my life as I seek to be more like Christ.  Learning I could talk and listen to my heavenly Father and knowing that is His will ... Wow!  Wonderful beyond words. 

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