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Available Seminars

How to Hear God’s Voice

This experiential seminar is the most down-to-earth, practical training available today teaching people how to clearly and continuously discern the voice of God within their hearts. Biblical techniques of vision and journaling are combined to help you discern and clarify the spontaneous thoughts that come from God. The goal is that you commune (converse) with God through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Individual journaling and small and large group sharing will be ongoing activities of the seminar…(more)

Ten Distinctive Features of Our Seminars:

  1. They stress personal encounter rather than detached information.
  2. They are experiential.
  3. The subjects covered are practical, down-to-earth and life-changing.
  4. Participants will not only learn a truth, they will acquire a skill.
  5. They involve not only teaching, but also small and large group interaction.
  6. They carry teaching to its ultimate conclusion in training.
  7. They offer training in the prophetic areas - areas that God is restoring to the Church at this time.
  8. They combine the latest discoveries in both "secular" and "sacred" knowledge, grounding it all in the Word of God with a keen sensitivity to balance.
  9. They break down barriers and promote love, openness and healing among those who attend.
  10. No fee is charged. All that is asked is that expenses are covered and a free will offering be given to the speaker.

Sessions Include:

Although we can offer other seminars such as, Naturally Supernatural, Hearing God Through Your Dreams etc, the Four Keys seminar is the principle one that we offer, and needs to be the first experience people have before taking any of the other courses. This is because the ability to use all the four keys to facilitate hearing God’s voice, is intrinsic to all of the other courses.

This seminar is a 10-hour taster, a compact version of the full course offered by the Christian leadership University. We usually schedule for Friday evening and all-day Saturday, although we can make alternative arrangements to suit an individual situation.

If you decide to do this, we can let you have all the details that you need to successfully host a seminar.We encourage church to follow up with further meetings which will confirm the skill which has been gained during the weekend. We can also preach on the Sunday if required.

We can also preach on the Sunday if required.

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