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We have a passion for teaching people how to hear God’s voice, which started in 1982 when we began Ely Christian Fellowship in Cambridgeshire, England. Now the Lighthouse in Ely.


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Key 1: Stillness -

Quieting yourself down

Hearing God's voice is as simple as…

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How to Hear the Voice of God

Key 2: Vision -

Fixing your eyes on Jesus

Key 3: Spontaneity -

Tuning to spontaneity

Key 4: Journaling -

And Writing

Our vision for our new church was one where the Holy Spirit led and all the people were filled and flowing with the Spirit. We were not sure how to make that happen.

Then in 1986 I saw an advert in an American Christian magazine about some Bible School courses and so I requested some teaching materials and course books.  

I personally worked through a course then called "Communion with God" started by Mark & Patti Virkler. Using the manual and later the teachers guide and tapes, I was astounded. It introduced me to journalling and put all I had wanted to express about walking closely with the Holy Spirit and personal spiritual development so clearly.

I taught the course to a key group of people in the church.  What a transformation it produced!  Now we have retired from full-time pastoring, we are free to take this course far and wide.

UK Representatives for Communion with God Ministries

Tony & Margaret Cornell


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